TBT is Ross Emmett’s understanding of Tom Bowen’s basic technique as it was originally taught during the early Australian workshops in 1987/8.  Ross has been in clinical practise for over 20 years using this technique and spent 10 years as a Senior Instructor of Bowen Therapy. He has been encouraged and supported in developing this course by Tom Bowen’s family and by the generous sharing of notes, advice and recollections by several of Tom’s later students, most notably Romney Smeeton, who was close to Tom until his death. Romney says of Ross:

“…he has an understanding and feeling for Tom Bowen’s work that I believe is far greater than anyone I have met, including those of us who actually watched Tom work.”

The course is taught over 4 days in two parts, each of two days in duration.  The course fee is €295 for each two day part.

What people are saying about the course!

“As a Bowen therapist I have for some time felt that the increasing evolution of the technique, in many ways understandable and commendable, has tended to obscure the effectiveness of the work Tom Bowen did at the time. If Tom did indeed treat up to 13,000 people a year then his techniques must have had some merit for such a number to seek his help. Ross Emmett’s return to the original moves used by Tom, informed as they are by his deep understanding from his own work, feels intuitively correct. Tom Bowen’s Therapy does make me feel as if I am returning to the source and connecting with the man himself.” Bob Manning, Bowen and EMMETT therapist.

“I knew from seeing the manual that this course was going to be good, but it really blew me away!  It has given me a much deeper understanding of work I have been doing for several years now and has allowed me to change the parts which didn’t work as well as they might for my clients.  Best of all is seeing EMMETT-type results from doing Bowen Therapy!

If you take what you have learned of Bowen therapy and add what Ross Emmett can teach you, you have the most powerful therapeutic tool possible.

— Romney Smeeton, Geelong, Australia - Chiropractor and former student of Tom Bowen

Latest news

  • Wow! So pleased with what I’ve achieved after Modules 1&2!

    Thank you for all your care, attention and support during Modules 1 & 2 of the training. I really enjoyed both days and felt that I learnt so much. I have attended lots of courses and training in the past and often felt lost….Read more

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  • Thank you. I no longer walk like a crab!

    I just want to thank you so much for your treatment that day a couple of weeks ago. You worked a miracle. I only wish I had found you before. My Japan holiday was wonderful, especially as I am no longer walking like a crab. Best…Read more

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``Having been a practising Bowen therapist for many years it was great to go back and refresh what I do. An excellent course delivered by Alice in a highly supportive and good humoured way. Every ``traditionally trained`` Bowen therapist would benefit from doing this course.``

- Anonymous feedback via Survey Monkey

``I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Alice is a very good trainer and gives clear instructions and she makes it a very enjoyable course to attend. We were a small group but this provided time for discussion and sharing experiences. the course has provided me personally, with more techniques to use to help people and how Bowen can be used together with the EMMETT Technique. I would encourage every EMMETT practitioner to attend this course.``

- Anonymous feedback via Survey Monkey
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