Sue Gassick


Purley on Thames, Reading , Berkshire
United Kingdom
Berkshire GB
07834 979 544
EMMETT Technique Certified Advanced Practitioner
EMM-Tech Tutor
EMMETT Senior Instructor
Other Services / Information about the Practitioner: 
  • NST Bowen Therapy

Passionate about sharing EMMETT with the UK and Ireland, I pretty much live and breathe the EMMETT Technique.  And I LOVE it!  If I'm not instructing an EMMETT workshop somewhere, or treating clients with EMMETT or catching up on EMMETT paperwork, then I am having a short holiday somewhere to recharge!  It has been life changing for me and the people I have shared it with.  I will often combine the technique with NST Bowen therapy, but sometimes I just use EMMETT in isolation.  Both approaches work vey well.  The day I take my skills for granted, is the day I retire - and I don't plan for that to happen anytime soon!