EMMETT 4 Horses

Ross Emmett treating a horse EMMETT Technique uses Gentle touch  

The EMMETT Technique is a unique therapy involving the application of light pressure on specific points to affect immediate release in surrounding muscle tissue.
In the equine world, balance and pain-free movement in both horse and rider is essential for all disciplines to reach full potential; be it shaving a second off that barrel run, making it over that jump, performing that manoeuvre or stretching out down the home straight.
Ross Emmett (founder of the EMMETT Technique) has now put together a great team of Instructors who will deliver the EMMETT 4 Horses Course around the UK and in Ireland.
Training is constructed in such a way that all styles of learning were covered, to ensure all who attended were given the opportunity to master the technique. Ross has personally trained the instructors to a level of understanding so that the training quality and standards are uniform across the world.
The EMMETT 4 Horses course caters for every horse enthusiasts aspirations. It is up to you how far you want to take your knowledge. Whether you are interested in becoming a EMMETT Horse Practitioner or you wish to learn the technique to assist your own horses and offer them care at home with the EMMETT 4 Horses Short Course, It's entirely up to you.