TBT Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course suitable for?

The course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in learning Tom Bowen's Therapy 101.  There are no pre-requisites to attend, and this makes it suitable for non-therapists.  Experienced therapists are also welcomed.  For the existing Bowen practitioner, this course offers the opportunity to better understand the work, to free yourself from restrictive rules and to adapt each treatment to meet your clients' needs more precisely.  If you have not already discovered Bowen Therapy, then this will give you a simple way to physically assess, relax and correct muscle tension in the body. 

How is the course assessed?

Students are supervised during practice sessions and extra assistance will be offered where required, so all students will become competent and confident with the moves.  Each move will be revised at least once within the context of the training sessions. There is no final examination, nor will you be required to complete case studies.

Will this entitle me to register with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council?

TBT has not yet been submitted for assessment by the CNHC either as Basic Training or as Continued Professional Development, simply because the guidelines are not yet available.  However, it is understood that the guidelines are likely to require a longer training period of 12-14 days for Basic Training and so therapists cannot rely on TBT training as their only means of registration.  Attending TBT training does not qualify you as a Bowen Therapist.

Can I use the training days as Continued Professional Development (CPD)?

This will depend on which professional body you have membership of.  TBT training days are acceptable to CTHA and FHT members.  They can also currently be used as Bowen CPD for BTPA requirements.  TBT will be submitted to the CNHC as soon as the guidelines for CPD become available and this should permit their use as CPD both for BTPA and the Bowen Association. 

Who is instructing this course?

Ross has invited Alice O'Brien to instruct the TBT 101 4-day course on his behalf in the UK and Ireland.  Alice has been working with Bowen Therapy since 1998 and is very experienced with this relaxing therapy. 

Bowen Master Classes with Ross Emmett

When there is enough interest from TBT, ECBS and Bowtech trained therapists, ETUK will invite Ross Emmett to occasionally lead “Bowen Master Classes”.  Participants will have a unique and valuable opportunity to learn from Ross’ his intimate understanding of Tom Bowen’s Therapy.