EMMETT Practitioner Advanced Training Courses

Upon completion of Module 6 Review, there is futher EMMETT training available for those who wish to continue their learning.  

Client Clinic Day

Client Clinic Day workshops have been running throughout the UK since 2014 to thunderous applause. Those who attend have found them extremely valuable. Although not a pre-requisite, they are the perfect link between the Module course (1-6) and the EP courses and a really good opportunity to "get inside Ross' head" and hear how he thinks when he puts together his treatments. 

As a result of frequent requests by EMMETT Practitioners, Ross has packed this one-day workshop full of short "possible" sequences to address typical problem areas, so commonly seen in clincial practise. These sequences are the ones Ross has found to be "gold lotto" winners". There are sequences for necks, shoulders, lower leg, bladder, knee, foot flexion, lower back, forearm and grip, and pregnancy.  

The workshop will introduce you to the 5±2 moves concept, and the understanding of "preparation moves", "correction moves" and "stabilization moves". These short sequences take between 7 - 15 minutes to perform - job done! The sequences covered will be a huge help when faced with the challenge of correcting a client's specific issue FAST!

There are also longer "maintenance" treatment sequences for your regular clients. Sequences which utilise all you know to  "dance around the body" and create a relaxing full body session for your regular maintenance clients. 

Here is a sample of the feedback we have received about this valuable workshop:

"I have attended the client clinic day and found it to be the part of the EMMETT training that really puts the meat on the bones. You really learn the value of how to put a sequence of corrections together of this amazing therapy to treat your clients. You learn about how to set up a treatment to succeed before you even start the first correction. I cannot recommend this day enough, you can learn the moves but knowing how to apply them takes it to the next level." Tony Sherry

"I loved the Client Day ... although I had started to create a mix of moves on clients ... the day confirmed the effectiveness of this.  Also ... that often less is more ...  less moves often creating the best results!  Was an invaluable day, Emmett in a more creative, intuitive form.  Constantly learning .... and constantly being amazed by this fab work." Fiona Davies

"Client Clinic day is invaluable because it pulls the six modules together and helps you to start thinking and working with an EMMETT BRAIN! Not to be missed!!! Great idea! I loved this part of the course." Jennifer Adamson Farrell

"This is a fabulous day, brilliantly presented, to consolidate how to put Emmett moves together to put the Emmett Technique in its rightful place as a stand-alone therapy. This very useful day covers formulating treatments for 'firefighting' pain and gives suggested formats for maintenance therapy." Anne Mundkur

"The Clinic day provided inspiration for me to be the very best that therapist that I could be."  Joan George

These workshops are for therapists who want to fix issues like Ross does - quickly!

Book your place now!   Click here for Client Clinic Day dates & locations.

EMMETT Practitioner (EP) Training 

The EP workshops really do take the EMMETT Technique to a whole new level. The greatest asset of the technique is that Ross is still in full time practise continuing to evolve as a therapist through his treatments. The moves taught during these workshops are not “tip of the triangle stuff” but developments Ross has made since putting together the Modular course. As part of the process in determing the content of an EP course Ross shares his sequences with selected therapists who work with their own clients to make sure the results achieved are constant and reproducible.

EP1 introduces:

  • The Spinal Balance - where Ross shows us how to integrate the spine for clear communication and stability. Where there is a lack of focus and clarity.
  • Oesophagus Release Sequence for abdominal pain after eating. Also assists pain under the sternum, reflux, and breathing restrictions.
  • Atlas-Axis / Third eye integration.
  • A move to release deep seated hamstring pain and sciatic pain into the leg.
  • Bowel and kidney moves to add to the Lymphatic drainage sequence.
  • A move for deep deltoid pain.
  • Further combinations and cross body moves using Command keys for unwinding and addressing pain and trauma.
  • Further jaw work.

Here are some anonymous comments we have received via Survey Monkey:

"Such an enjoyable 2 days. The course content was a complete game changer for me as a therapist looking for a strategic approach to applying the emmett moves. The principles learned on this course are amazing.Thank you both and of course Ross!!"

"Brilliant day. Loved the sequences Ross has put together for treaments. Loved being back immersed in Emmett."

"Throughout the two days the information given was extremely clear, there was plenty of time for discussion/ practice, and there was total focus on the work (nothing irrelevant or off subject). I felt at ease with the instructors and fellow class mates. The room and facilities were of very good standard. And more importantly, the training manual is fantastic. Very Very Pleased! money and time well spent. Delighted with everything. Thank you." 

EP2 introduces:

  • Piriformis / QL combination for lower back cramp and deep seated hip joint pain.
  • Neck / vertebra release for deep neck pain which has not responded to other releases.
  • Back cross over sequence for uneven shoulder height and twisted hips. Very helpful with scoliosis.
  • Further use of the chest – jaw points to improve hearing loss.
  • Gracilis move for deep inner thigh pain.
  • Achilles – heel pain sequences.
  • Further use of the popliteal and knee reflex points with ankle points to free up ankle joint restrictions.
  • Crossovers for acute and unresponsive knee pain.
  • Hearing - for improvement.

Here are some anonymous comments we have received via Survey Monkey:

"The pace was just right not hurried and not too slow to loose concentration or focus. The order information became clear at the end, with the concept of emmett and how to put it all together, which was explained in ep1 but the penny dropped in ep2. I always enjoy the emmett courses as everyone is equal regardless of your background and there are no favourites. Well done Sue and Lesley for an excellent course."

"Love, love! Loved it. It's always a jaw dropping experience. How these small but powerful moves make so much difference. The workshop is taught at just the right pace. Enough time to watch and take on board the new work, then plenty of time to practice. The sequences are invaluable. Something to take right into Clinic, but with the knowledge that you can tweak to suit each client's needs. It is so good to meet other therapists, learn of their experiences and how they use the Emmett Technique in their work. It's a fun, practical and a highly informative couple of days. Just wish EP3 was next month! Can't wait."

"Could not fault anything - was the best yet - and I have thoroughly enjoyed all previous Emmett courses. Susley must be congratulated on such a fantastic job - the dissemination of sometimes much complicated information in such concise, easy to understand way, with demonstrations too was just great - and has allowed me the confidence to come away keen and eager to use all of these wonderful new moves. It's almost tempting enough to wish clients present with these problems?!? Thank you both so much.

And this from Jill Clappison Dagless was posted on the private Facebook Group page:

"Thank you for an awesome EP2 you girls are amazing to be able to consolidate, condense & distill all you have learnt into a form that us mere mortals can understand.  This course has again taken our abilities in sharing the possibilities of Emmett Technique to yet another level, which is humbling.  Thank you."

EP3 introduces:

  • PSIS Pain - for deep seated pain in the sacral joint. 
  • Omohyoid / 45 - for deep pain in the lower neck and upper shoulder that other moves are not releasing.
  • Levator Scap X Piriformis -  for tightness and cramp and twist in hips.  Very helpful with scoliosis.
  • Sight - Chest / Neck - to improve vision loss and blurry vision.
  • Adductor Magnus / Upper Sacral Notch -  move for dragging / dropping inner pelvic and lower abdominal pain.
  • Sternum / 4-5 Thoracic Vertebrae – for discomfort deep in the chest and feelings of emptiness.
  • Spinal Tap with Conception Balance - to create whole body relaxation.
  • Lats / Traps - for mid-back restriction and cramp.
  • Wrist Pain - for pain on flexion and extension of the wrist, restriction extending the fingers.
  • Ankle Pain - for deep pain in the ankle joint, for sharp pain in the lower leg on walking.
  • Combination Suggestions - suggested useful possible sequences.

EP4 introduces:

  • Lower Back Compression - for pain in the lower back on the action of rising or sitting. 
  • Oblique Attachment & 12th Rib - for side cramping, assists pelvic floor weakness.
  • SCM Crossover - for neck restriction with pain at the upper attachment of the SCM.
  • Frontal Headache - for headaches at the base of the occiput radiating to above the eye.
  • Jaw Release Combinations - for jaw restriction, jaw tension, facial tension, temporal headaches, head congestion .
  • Elbow Pain – pain in the elbow when extending and flexing the arm and when reaching out to pick something up.
  • Arm Pain - for isolated pain in the biceps, forearm or wrist, or pain radiating all the way down the arm from shoulder to wrist.
  • Toe Flexibilty - for lack of flexibility and agility in toe movement, inability to grip with the toes.
  • Ankle Flexibilty - for lack of mobility and flexiblity around the ankle joint.
  • Shin Pain - for shin pain, extreme sensitivity at the Sartorius Point.

EP5 introduces:

  • SI Joint Releases - for deep pain radiating from the SI joint into the hip or upper thigh. 
  • Upper Thigh Release - for deep pain the thigh.
  • Gracilis - for ridigity in the gracilis and restriction behind the knee.
  • Patella Crossover - to clear restrictions from around the patella. 
  • Upper Soleus Release - for deep cramp in the soleus and upper calf tension.
  • Foot Instep Pain – pain in the instep which orginiates from the lower back.
  • Broad Back Release - to release the upper back and shoulders, including latissimus dorsi and trapezius.
  • Teres Minor Overstrain - for pain in both the pecs and teres minor when moving the shoulder forward.
  • Upper Scapula Pain - for persistent deep pain above the spine of the scapula.
  • Subscapularis Release - for pain deep underneath the armpit.

EP6 introduces:

  • Bent Arm Raise - for difficulty raising a bent arm for eating, etc.
  • Additional Omohyoid Release - for pain / tension deep to upper traps along superior border of scapula.
  • Deep Pain around the ASIS - for deep pain around ASIS and difficulty lifting knee when standing.
  • Anterior Tibialis Pain 
  • Instep Pain Combinations - for pain in the instep orginating from the lower back.
  • Abdominal Cramp - for cramping in abdominal area, and below the rib cage and into the ribs.
  • The Handshake - for additional information of problematic areas.
  • Summaries of Omohyoid, Jaw, ASIS, Gracilis, Pec Minor and Back Crossover moves.

Beyond the 7As workshop

EMMETT Practitioners have been asking for a more in-depth understanding of the "headwork" that Ross does with clients, and at our request Ross developed such a workshop. Ross expands your understanding of the non-physical elements of his treatments.

Bowen Master Class and EMMETT Integration workshop

Ross shares his insight and understanding of classical Bowen moves and shows how he incorporates his EMMETT Technique.

Practitioner Training Courses


Short Courses for non-professionals