EMM-Tech Short Courses

The EMM-Tech Short Course was created by Ross Emmett so that non-therapists would have the opportunity to use some of his work to help themselves, friends and family.  The  course contains 11 moves which have been specially selected from the EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course.  

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The course is conducted over 8 hours and may be offered as a one 8 hour day or two 4 hour sessions which are usually from one day to two weeks apart. No prior experience is necessary to attend a course. It can be taken by anyone.

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The cost is £100 (€110), which includes a Training Guide, a Certificate of Attendance and a DVD for revision.

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Learn an EMMETT Technique release and try it before you book your place on an EMM-Tech Short Course or the EMMETT Practitioner Training Programme.

Ross Emmett shows how each move is done in these two video tutorials.


Only £5 to have access for 30 days to a video tutorial by Ross Emmett teaching either the Gastoc Calf Release and/or SCM Neck Release.



Pilates and EMM-Tech: 

I'm still blown away with what I learnt yesterday. Today I have tried the calf release and the foot balance moves on my personal training clients with amazing feedback and results... Also I'm finding that I am replacing my normal practice of foam rolling and pnf stretches with EMM-Tech moves and integrating it into my movement screening... I'm getting lightning results which enables me to progress quickly with positive body movement exercise..I'm really keen to become a practitioner... This simple but effective system will be a fantastic tool to my training and business. Chris Burford Personal Trainer. Luton
"I had had bilateral Achilles tendonopathy (achilles/heel pain) for 3 years before I came across EMMETT and the cure to this painful, tedious condition. I have seen Doctors, consultants , physiotherapists for this condition over the years and nothing had helped. Not even resting as the condition returned as soon as I resumed my normal role as a fitness instructor. With EMMETT my feet/legs had a strong release as all the tension just drained away. The procedure, self administered for several weeks, gave me a marked improvement in pain and movement. With regular maintenance I am now pain free. Wendy Hamilton, Body Control Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer. Surrey

Very excited as I did a Lat release on a client this morning , with a very positive outcome and a very positive client........impressed!!! Thanks again for yesterday it was brill.......can't wait for the next course! Angela Barton Personal Trainer. Surrey

I tried all the moves on my husband the day after the course & was all "fingers & thumbs" but since then have done 2 successful forearm releases, one on someone with MS which made a big difference to her grip, and several ITB releases with good results. I use the ITB release quite often on myself, the points are really tender so easy to find & that's helped find them on others. I've found that I have to compensate for my hands being small which was the main problem with the moves on my husband. The EMM-Tech fits in well with the Eden Energy Medicine & as it gives instant results adds credibility to the less obvious energy work. So glad I did it! Sarah Miller, Leicestershire

"Having undertaken the EMM-Tech course I have been able to use the moves to firstly relieve my own personal pain – with exceptional results and also to help others. I had a knee operation to remove some torn cartilage after which I experienced pain if twisting my leg accidentally or moving too quickly. With EMM-Tech I have been able to keep very mobile, the benefits from the work are immediate. I have also been able to assist my husband with shoulder pain and my friend with a leg and back problem. Emm-Tech is excellent and I would most certainly promote it wholeheartedly." Linda H – Wiltshire, UK
"I attended an EMM-Tech coaches and trainers course on the 18th October 2008. I had been a recipient of the Emmett Technique in the past and personally found it extremely successful. As a gym owner, I found the course very instructive and interesting and since attending the course I have used EMM-Tech on numerous occasions on my customers as an aid to their range of movement and to alleviate some muscle problems. I have been amazed at how beneficial EMM-Tech has been." Clive Rowlett - High Energy Fitness Studio Ltd.

I have already found the moves have brought MIRACULOUS results to a few people I have tried them on. One being my sister who has rheumatoid arthritis. She is now SWINGING her arms over her head and buzzing with energy! The messages have all been Thank you, thank you, thank you and I pass them on to you. The moves you did on me for balance have made a lasting and dramatic improvement to my walking and my general fitness is greatly improving because of it..." MT, Wales

"Thank you. The work which you taught us has literally changed my life and my practice." Chris


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