Recent Practitioner Feedback

My nearly 5 year old daughter occasionally has night terrors. She's asleep, crying, shaking and sits bolt upright with eyes open (freaky!). It has taken me ages in the past to get her back off to sleep. Tonight I tried the rescue move. OMG. Only did it once and stopped her crying and made her instantly calm and back off to sleep. The wonders of Ross Emmett and his amazing technique. Thank you so much xxx  Amanda Woodhead 

There's a new development too, my daughter now does it to herself when getting relaxed ready for bed!  Amanda Woodhead 


Loving this! Father and son came in on Thursday - painters and decorators running their own business with frozen shoulders - same side - can't work - so much pain, tried osteopath and chiropractors - zilch! 45 mins - two clients, same room. BOOM! Back to work full mobility no pain GET INNNNNN!! Caroline Brunditt 

Omg I'm speachless. I've been treating a client who has MS with reflexology for a couple of years now and on her last visit I threw in the foot calcaneus move. We saw a good result. Today I've just done Emmett bearing in mind I've only done up to Mod 3 so far. I can not believe what has just occurred. The look on my clients face said it all. Totally balanced and able to walk without her stick.. Michelle Clift 

I had a great man in my clinic last week 75 years old with restricted shoulder, had been to see the surgeon who said 4 hours of surgery possibly would help to get him mobile again, but due to his age said surgery was too he comes in to see me I do biceps move hey presto shoulder is moving, was curious so did nothing else sent him home happy, comes back this week saying he can dress himself now, shower properly etc.....guess that was easier than 4 hours surgery. Alan Kane 

I love this amazing therapy even though it had both me and my client in tears today. Lady with longstanding pain in buttocks and achilles which has become very debilitating. Really heavy legs lightened immediately with inguinal psoas. The look on her face after the gastrocs move was amazing - then we cried !! Everything lifted and she can not only now walk but had to run up and down my carpet just to feel the changes. One very happy client, one delighted therapist. Caroline Le Messurier 

Had my first opportunity to relieve someone's distress with vertigo the day before yesterday. She felt it go with a whoosh, first one side then the other. Magic ! She is now booked in for a lymphatic drainage session. Yessss. Anne Hindley-Cooke 

What a piece of work Emmett is! Saw the most recent in a line of clients suffering frozen shoulder tonight. To see the expression of confusion and delight as they watch their full range of movement return within minutes of arriving and all whilst standing watching in the mirror and chatting away... well it never gets tiring. I am so grateful for this bit of kit, and the difference it has made to my clinical outcomes is at times absolutely miraculous! Thank you. Robert Smith 

Just had a very long phone call from a Physio. They wanted to know how I had managed to successfully treat one of their Patients and in one session get rid of the headache that he had had for 3 years. The patient said it has gone and not come back in the three weeks since I treated him and he feels so much better in himself. I explained the power of Emmett and how fast and effective it was and how once you've experienced it you are amazed. Lots of questions about training etc. The phone call ended with them saying they were having surgery in a couple of weeks so could I treat them post op!!!!! Must have said the right things after all. Tony Sherry 


It still amazes me how great this work is. My 10am appoinent left the clinic without her stick this morn. Paul Allison