Maureen Lawrie


Massage in Cumbria, Lorton Street Clinic Cockermouth , Cumbria
United Kingdom
Cumbria GB
Brampton , Cumbria
United Kingdom
Cumbria GB
07981 101 651
EMMETT Technique Advanced EP 4
EMM-Tech Tutor
Other Services / Information about the Practitioner: 

Hi there, I've worked as a Soft Tissue therapist at the Lorton Street Clinic for the last decade or so treating a wide range of people and disorders.  I recently completed my practitioner training in Emmett technique and am delighted with the results.  I use it both on its own and alongside my other therapies depending on the nature of the problem and the preference of the client.  Many of my regulars are now requesting Emmett as their treatment modality.   If you are interested in Emmett or have a problem you’d like help with please feel free to call me.

Other therapies:

Remedial and Sports Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, Hot Stone
massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki