Lesley Wootten's experience with EMMETT and Deep Tissue Massage

I am a deep tissue massage therapist and am also qualified in other forms of massage, Reflexology and Reiki. 

I came across the EMMETT Technique quite by accident. I was looking for an alternative treatment for my prolonged neck problem, as the usual treatments (various forms of massages, chiropractic, acupuncture) had no effect. It was while I was at one of these alternative appointments, the therapist used an EMMETT move that had an immediate effect and had worked where all else had failed.

I was so impressed, I signed up for the start of the next course.

In my experience, the EMMETT Technique has immediate impact. Such simple moves can give release and give mobility to the tightest, achiest or stiffest muscles and joints. For example, I met a builder who had two operations on his shoulder and an unbelievable 10 cortisone injections in an effort to enable him to lift his arm up passed shoulder height. Within 30 seconds of starting his EMMETT treatment, he could lift his arm not only passed shoulder height but up to the side of his head. He was speechless. 

Another client, a plasterer, had a very weak grip and would wake frequently at night because of the pain in his forearms, all due to the repetitive nature of his work. Again, within minutes, the tension was released from his arms and his grip was once again normal.

My clients who are sports enthusiasts rave about the pain free way EMMETT releases the IT band without having to strip it, and the pain free way of freeing the resistance in the hamstrings or quads with EMMETT, all within a couple of minutes.

The hamstring release is one of my favorite EMMETT releases. Instead of facing a potentially taxing session for both the client and me, I can reduce the resistance in a matter of seconds. Literally. The client can then enjoy a short massage, rather than enduring it.

What I was really impressed with is that it not only helps my clients, but it is incredibly kind to the therapist. Unfortunately, as much as I try to keep an eye on my own posture when massaging, or limit the amount of hand work, invariably I end up punishing my own body. But with EMMETT there is no stress or pressure on any part of me. It is no effort at all to carry out the points or switches.

This treatment has no contra indications and therefore I can use it on everyone. It is gentle and non invasive. It can be used on pregnant clients right throughout their pregnancy. But even better, I can use it on clients undergoing chemotherapy. These clients are usually going through a horrid time with a lot of stress and tension. They need muscle tension relief, now I can give it to them using EMMETT.

I offer a holistic approach to stress and tension relief and pain management and frequently incorporate EMMETT points in a variety of treatments, or I just use it on its own.

Having tried many alternative treatments and techniques, I never thought anything would ever be better than a good massage, but I have to say, this technique has completely changed my opinion. I just wish I had found it sooner.

Lesley Wootten – Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, Small Business Owner / Combined Therapist