John Kenny


The Healing House, Berkeley Road, Dublin 7 , Dublin
Dublin IE
+353 (0)868 308 243
EMMETT Technique Advanced EP 4
EMM-Tech Tutor
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John has trained in many areas of healing since 1972. During open-heart surgery in 1985, he discovered the Light inside himself and has followed that Light ever since. His spirit guides continue to support him and those around him as he himself continues to grow.

Most of us at some stage in our lives lose our balance physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. This brings pain, discomfort and unhappiness into our lives. By working directly with Spirit and doing a hands-on healing, John has brought relief and comfort to many people who have come to him over the years.

John has added the Emmett Technique to his list of skills in order to bring relief to those clients experiencing physical pain.

Spain: John also runs a clinic in Alicante Province at:

El Regalo de la Paz
Hondon de las Nieves

Telephone  652147601
Email :