EMMETT 4 Animals Instructors

Tony Sherry - Senior Instructor and Representative for Ross Emmett to the UK and Ireland for animal courses

With over 20 years experience as a nurse I have now trained in the Emmett Technique to (Advanced Level 5) and I have had some truly amazing results and a common statement from clients is why did I not find you before or how did you do that. I am also an EMM-Tech tutor and have great fun sharing this incredible technique.  Since qualifying in the technique on horses I have successfully treated a whole range of horses from happy hackers to top competition horses and so much in between.  It's amazing and so satisfying to see the look on the owners face when they see the reaction of their horse when they relax and movement restrictions just seem to disappear. Dogs respond to treatment even quicker and I have even treated cats and a goat.  My amazing EMMETT journey continues now I'm an instructor teaching the technique on horses and dogs.  To be one of a few people in the World teaching this is such an honour and privilege and I am really enjoying the journey my life is taking.


Caroline Le Messurier - UK Instructor 

Caroline lives near Tavistock in Devon and is a human, equine and canine EMMETT therapist.

Working from home she offers therapies in a relaxed environment for you and your animals. Home visits arranged for horses.

Caroline is a qualified Emmett 4 animals Instructor and courses are available in the West Country for Equine and Canine EMMETT and also for the human EMM-Tech days.